IQ2MI – 500 Khz

Report HRD Beacon e descrizione tecnica

IQ2MI 500kHz beacon

Antenna: vertical antenna with capacitive toploading


The capacitive toploading is 60 meter long, 3 spaced 2.5 mm. The loading coil is Made of 31 turns on a 120mm PVC pipe2 PVC insulated wire, the vertical section is about 15 meter high, same wire. The measured system resistance is about 25 ohm, including radiation resistance, coil loss and ground loss.



500mW exciter with class C Mosfet PA 50W out. The estimated ERP is about 1W
CW ID is IQ2MI, in normal CW followed by QRSS3. The Locator is JN45NL
QRG is 476,18 kHz, xtal controlled.

The 500 kHz team is tuning the loading coil


From left: I2FGT Giulio, IK2PII Claudio, IZ2JGB Giorgio


The loading coil with the testing equipment K2155
(D2155 selective level meter + tracking generator) and the home made resistance bridge

TX schematics:

Schema TX

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